Wednesday, March 4, 2009

But first, I need a studio. Given the size of my flat this means a wall unit which will house all the gear.

Operational equipment includes 2 turntables, a cd player, 1 x mother of a pc, power amp and pre-amp.

And there is a gallery of old kit that will be on display to confirm my poser status!

It starts now..

Some scrap anglepoint, 16mm chipboard, loads of cupboard shelving brackets and screws along with some black paint. Oh yes, and heaps of grunting, cursing and sweating. And a total of 3 months elapsed time to plan and prepare.

Here is the studio in progress courtesy of a crappy cell phone camera although it is very like what I see without my specs on! Fuzzy and a little arty!

At this stage the anglepoint has been restored by vigorously wire brushing, then power tool wire brushing, then sanding. After which a rustfix was applied. The anglepoint is not black but a tint from Dulux called Desert Darkness - I was looking for a darker brownish colour and this is a little more green than I wanted; but it works.

Building the plinth, attaching the anglepoint and making sure it is reasonable squarish.

The cupboard brackets which hold it all together.

Testing for fit, the down bits are for bracing - shelves not painted yet.

A better front view; plinth facing is pine architrave stained rosewood - the top facing will be similarly stained although a finer architrave.
The rear is simply pine planks cut to size and painted black - not actually visible here.

And here is the test set-up with kit stuffed in, some shelves not yet installed, others still being aligned/levelled etc. and the pc undergoing surgery to recover data from a friend's hard drive.

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